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Hytech Solar provides solar solutions for Home and Business

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Why Solar?

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Reduce your energy bills by generating your own power for use in your home or business.

Sell back to the grid at times when your usage is low further offsetting your energy costs

Avoid up front costs by utilising tailor-made finance plans which allow you to pay for a solar system for less cost than your current energy spend

Take advantage of government rebates which may be applicable for your home or business

Why Solar?

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Protect yourself from rising power prices by reducing your reliance on traditional generation methods which are likely to increase over time

Future proof your property through the installation of a solar system which allows for future expansion including the installation of batteries or further solar-panels

Add value to your property by investing in a physical energy solution

Why Solar?

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Embrace green energy as an alternative method of power generation that reduces your carbon footprint

Achieve grid independence educing your exposure to outages and blackouts

Harness the sun a free energy source that’s great for more than just a sun tan

Why Us?

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Hytech Solar has over a decade of experience working with only the top specialists in the industry.

Why Solar?

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We only provide you with the best panels and inverters for your home or business.


Trusted by homes, businesses and enterprises across industries

My experience with Hytech Solar was fantastic. I had a number of quotes but went with Hytech because they translated the jargon and clearly explained how solar would benefit me and answered all my concerns. Their calculation on the expected savings was conservative and I have been pleased with the results.

Belvedere Hosiery

Angela Condello

I knew solar made a lot of sense commercially but I had heard horror stories of poor installations causing ongoing problems so I put it on hold. I finally went with HyTech because of the importance they place on using solar experts to complete the installation and provisioning. My system install went smoothly and the system is great.

Pivac Agricultural

Murry Pivac

The reason I chose to go with HyTech was because they took a strategic view of my overall energy spend. Other companies I spoke to just wanted to push solar on me. Since the solar was installed I have had a few questions for HyTech and they have been very responsive and I look forward to installing a battery in the future.

Drum Partners

Antonio Italia